Customer Spotlight: Emily Nachazel, Creator of the Choco-Nana


Every now and then a customer creates a custom nicecream so delicious that we HAVE to put it on the menu. When Emily Nachazel made the "Choco-Nana" , we couldn't help ourselves but share it with the rest of you. As fate would have it, Emily is a holistic health and life coach, yoga instructor, and wellness enthusiast.

We sat down with Emily to thank her for creating such an awesome blend and hear more about her journey into health and wellness.

How did you hear about Mike & Dave’s?

I discovered Mike & Dave’s through none other than Instagram! I saw someone post a photo of drool-worthy healthy soft serve and immediately clicked through to the Mike & Dave’s website. Being an avid ice cream lover who can’t handle too much dairy, I was so excited when I saw this nicecream was made from just fruit and a few other ingredients.

What's up Emily? Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi there! I’m Emily :)  I'm a holistic health and life coach, yoga instructor and wellness enthusiast based in Brooklyn, New York.

I’m into all things health, wellness and personal development, and love sharing my adventures on my Instagram account (@emilynachazel) and on my blog (

More than any title or certification, there are two important things you should know about me:

  1. 1. I LOVE to learn, and then teach others what I know.

  2. I believe that health is a result of SO much more than just food.

Yes, eating plenty of greens and drinking more water will help you reach your health goals, but it’s so much more than that. How good you feel in your body (and in your life!) also depends on your relationships, your job, your spiritual practice and so much more. I’m passionate about exploring all the facets of health and sharing what I learn with my community in a straightforward and “easy to digest” manner.

How did you become interested in health and wellness?

Choco-Nana !

Choco-Nana !

My wellness journey started over 10 years ago during my days as a busy CPA working for a Big 4 public accounting firm.  To help combat the stress of a fast paced corporate job, I found my way to yoga and healthy food and pretty quickly knew this was the thing I wanted to share with the world. After completing a yoga teacher training and becoming a Certified Holistic Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I knew it was time to take the leap and turn my passion into my career.

Could you tell us a little bit about the #nicecream blend you made, the “Choco-Nana”?!

The Choco-nana is pretty much my dream dessert - bananas, almond butter, carob chips (similar to chocolate chips, but a little nuttier!) and sea salt! My grandmother is an amazing baker and when I was very young she taught me a little salt is key for bringing out the sweetness in desserts. I make a lot of healthy desserts (love me some kale, but also love me some chocolate) and my secret ingredient is always salt.

Why is nicecream a better alternative to fro-yo?

Unfortunately so many fro-yo brands are packed with artificial ingredients, food dyes and refined sugars, which can do a number on your digestive health (something I teach a lot about!), not to mention your mood, skin and waist line.

I used to LOVE getting a big cup of self-serve fro-yo and thought I was making a healthier choice since it was low fat and/or sugar free… and then I’d wonder why I’d have a stomachache 30 minutes later.

Now I prefer to stick to treats that are made with whole, real foods, like banana ice cream! It still tastes amazing (especially when you add chocolate, I mean what wouldn’t??), without the stomachache or “sugar hangover” that can come after eating too much sweet stuff.

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