Mike & Dave's x Delaney Athletics


We started Mike & Dave's with the holistic health experience in mind: both what you put in your body and how you move your body. Both of us work out regularly and one of our favorite people to workout with is Steven Delaney (@delaney_athletics) . Steven takes an intuitive approach to fitness – he prefers working out in the park to a gym anyday. And, damn, he can make those workouts count. He's the real deal.

Steven's approach to fitness puts the holistic experience of the human form in full focus. Rather than use dumbbells and deadlifts, Steven pushes you to use your natural bodyweight and focus on aspects to strengthen agility, flexibility, and complex muscle rather than pure bulk.


We had the opportunity to workout with Steven in the park the other day and it was the most effective workout we've had in a long time. Thanks so much! Check it out!

Steven and his amazing wife Olivia (she is also an AMAZING trainer) are headed to Austin for their next adventure, but make sure to follow their adventure on instagram and catch them for a sweat sesh if you make your way to Austin!

Also huge thanks to RECESS for letting us try out their post-workout cleansing wipes. They were the perfect thing right after a sweat session in the park!

Sara Hillstrom