Featured Blends

(v) vegan, (*) can be made vegan, (gf) gluten-free, (p) protein packed

nicecream blends



Morning Glory (*,gf)

$6.75/253 cal
$13.50/506 cal

strawberry base banana blueberry greek yogurt anke’s granola


non-dairy food


$6.75/272 cal 
$13.50/544 cal

banana base
pink himalayan sea salt
carob chips
almond butter

Thank you @emilynachazel for the inspiration behind the Choco-Nana!

healthy mix-ins

Island Paradise (v,gf)

$6.75/341 cal
$13.50/682 cal

banana base strawberry pistachios
almond butter coconut flakes

frozen non-dairy

Yum Bum (*,gf)

$6.75/291 cal
$13.50/582 cal

banana base blueberry
pink himalayan sea salt
coconut flakes

Healthy Food Restaurant

protein cup (*,gf, p)

$6.75/393 cal
$13.50/786 cal

pb base
carob chips peanuts


Healthy Food Restaurant in New York

mmm cookies (*,gf)

$6/364 cal
$12/728 cal

banana base
vanilla icing
cocoa powder
anke’s chocolate cookies

#nicecream specials

We're excited to provide a seasonal Carrot Cake blend as we hop into Spring! 

Do You Even Lift? is the creative genius of professional fitness trainers Olivia & Steven Delaney created a blend for this season’s menu to get you gym ready this spring! 

healthy food

Carrot Cake
(*, gf)

$6.75/367 cal 
$13.50/734 cal

carrot base
almond butter dollop vanilla icing
anke’s ginger oat cookie

workout food

Do You Even Lift?
(*, gf, p)

$6.75/402 cal 
$13.50/804 cal

banana base
chocolate whey protein
anke's chocolate cookie
almond butter